Our Vision

The philosophy of education at St. Isidore Catholic School is to provide ample opportunities for our community members to grow spiritually, intellectually, culturally, physically, and emotionally in order to be better prepared for lives of service to Christ as productive, Catholic citizens of our community, country, and world.

Our Mission

Creating disciples of Christ who grow in faith, service, character and knowledge.

Prayer Wall in the main hall of our school


We Believe in Faith Development! The school provides for all students, a formal instruction in the Catholic faith, opportunities for prayer and worship to build a close, personal relationship with Christ and within the school community. There are also building and service activities where there is encouragement to grow in virtue and to live as a disciple of Christ.

Some of our faith activities include: Divine Mercy Chaplet on Fridays, Intercessory Prayer every morning before sending students to class, All School mass on Wednesdays & Fridays, Faith Family retreats quarterly and our Christi Filli program.

All that the school provides is meant to compliment the efforts of parents in providing similar faith.


St. Isidore's recognizes National Childhood Cancer Awareness month every September.

St. Isidore School recognizes that each student and family can offer gifts of time, talent and/or treasure in order to model our commitment to Catholic values and be the hands and feet of Christ on Earth.  We recognize that each family’s gifts are different and we celebrate that each of us brings different gifts to our community! St. Isidore staff will organize one service project per quarter for each student to participate in.  We encourage

families to support these service projects and assist in whatever way they are able.
We ask that our parents participate in community service whenever, and however, they are able. Parents who model service to others through gifts of time, talent or treasure, will help promote the development of this character trait in their children.


St. Isidore School recognizes that we are building the future of our community and country in the students we serve each day.  We are committed to developing strong, positive, Christ-centered people.  Our school staff will model and promote healthy development of positive character traits in each of our students.  Being centered on Christ helps us become people of good character and morals.  We know that no one is perfect, and we will all make mistakes, but we strive to always improve in practice and belief.  The values of honesty, respect, responsibility, kindness, service to others, and fairness, are important in our classrooms, hallways, cafeteria and playgrounds.  We will encourage and nurture these traits in all of our students through modeling, instruction, and feedback/correction when needed.
We ask that our parents also expect these traits to be displayed away from school.  Together we can shape the future of our country and develop adults who are strong in character and morals, more effectively modeling the teaching of Christ, and bringing others closer to Christ.


Mrs. Spencer helping one of her Kindergartners.

We Believe in Academic Achievement! The school identifies the knowledge and skills which students are expected to master, and teachers provide instructional experiences to assist the students in such mastery.  Teachers assess each student’s level of performance and encourage each student to achieve to the best of their ability. Teachers also know that self-discipline and hard work are essential to academic success and to the reaching of each student’s potential.  They expect hard work and self-discipline on the part of each student. We ask that our parents expect from your child(ren), hard work and self-discipline, that you require good study habits, well completed assignments, and additional reading.  Check to make sure homework is completed, assignment books are used (2nd grade and up), and materials are organized to return to school for the next day.  By working together and having these expectations, parents and teachers will see the academic achievement of each child maximized.

WE BELIEVE THAT...... Each person is a unique and sacred individual worthy of respect and dignity. Our school community is enriched by the students, families, and staff that make St. Isidore School their educational and faith home. Each of us are called by God to become personally and actively involved in the St. Isidore School community. Each of us are entrusted with a job to do -- one that has been given to no one else. Whoever and wherever we are, each of us has an opportunity to help shape the St. Isidore School community.