Meet Our Staff


Amy Evans


I spent thirteen years teaching elementary education in both Columbus and Omaha before becoming Principal of St. Isidore School four years ago. My favorite part of working with children now is seeing them overcome their obstacles. Every child faces difficulties and being able to watch them grow and change for many years grants me the opportunity to see them thrive in so many wonderful ways...spiritually, academically, behaviorally and emotionally. It's a priviledge to be a small part of that journey. For me, the best part of being at St. Isidore's is the oppotunities to pray with each other! It's amazing to be able to be part of a community who loves, supports, challenges and prays with and for each other. It has blessed my life in so many ways! My favorite saint is St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. "Her heart was restless and unfulfilled until it finally found rest in God" said Pope John Paul II at her beatification. She was Jewish born, then became an athiest. Truth was revealed to her when she saw a womeon going into an empty church to have a conversation with God. She became a Carmelite nun and died during the Holocaust. She loved to continually learn and study. On her devotional picture she wrote "Henceforth, my only vocation in to love."


Lyn Starostka

School Secretary

Andrea Kuhl

Executive Assistant


Jackie Garner

Food Service Manager

Building Maintenance

Mike Lovell


School Board

Doris Lux

President of board

Sarah Doerneman


Nick Luchsinger


Staci Stempek


Byron Belina


Chris Langan


Erin Schmidt