Parishioner Tuition

The educational programs provided by St. Isidore help make us a Catholic family.  The tuition you pay to the support of the school helps ensure the operation of its educational programs.  Thank you for your support and investment in Catholic education for your family!  In addition to tuition, support of the parish through the Sunday collection is a separate responsibility of all school parents.  

Out of Parish Tuition

The members of St. Isidore Parish support the operation of St. Isidore School.  However, in order to fill open classrooms in our Columbus Catholic Elementary Schools and to work as efficiently as possible, the parish priests have decided that if a family is a member of one of the three Columbus Catholic Churches, or a local/rural parish with no affiliated school, additional tuition fees will not apply if their children attend another Catholic school.    

Non-Catholic Tuition

This policy, hereafter, shall be followed in determining and approving the admission of non-Catholic students into the Columbus Catholic School system:

Priority for enrollment in any class of the Columbus Catholic Schools shall be open to the registered Catholic parishioners of the Columbus Catholic parishes, namely: St. Anthony, St. Bonaventure, and St. Isidore.  Enrollment of non-Catholic students shall be on the basis of space available.  As a guide, each parish shall anticipate one vacant space for one additional Catholic student.  The enrollment of any non-Catholic student shall not cause any additional expense for the teachers, administrators, etc. or displace a student whose family is a member of the parish.

The non-Catholic students shall be required, as a course of regular instruction, to participate in the regular scheduled religion classes and attend weekday Mass.

The funding for each student attending the Columbus Catholic Schools is based on the following revenue sources:  tuition, parish support, and fund raising.  In addition, special assessments are billed to each student such as supply fee, activity fees, etc.  Each revenue source, excluding the special assessments, contributes equally to the funding of each student in the Columbus Catholic School system.  The tuition for non-Catholic students attending the Columbus Catholic Schools shall be at a rate as follows: 125% of the regular student tuition rate.  This tuition rate is based on the components of tuition and parish support. Each non-Catholic student and family agrees to provide resources as necessary for the support of the fundraising activities which constitutes the remaining 1/3 of the cost of educating each student in the Catholic School System.

In addition to the tuition, each non-Catholic student shall be billed the appropriate assessment fees (i.e. registration fee, activity fees, lab fees, etc.)

Current Tuition Cost

For 2019-2020 School year effective for St. Isidore Parishioners

$2395 per year (one child)*

$3690 per year (two children)*

$4890 per year (3+ children)*

*The tuition cost does not include additional fees throughout the school year such as book bill, activity fee, and school lunch fees.