Linda Klink


I have been a teacher for 26 years, the last 5 have been here at St. Isidore's. My favorite thing about being a teacher is watching students grow and succeed, learning something new from my students each day, and never having a boring day. Each day is filled with new adventures! The best thing about teaching at St. Isidore’s Catholic school is all of the wonderful families! My favorite saint is Mother Teresa because she was so selfless and a true humanitarian.

Jennifer Hendricks


In the classroom...

The second graders at St. Isidore school have a special year ahead of them. They receive two Holy Sacraments; First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion in the spring. To prepare for First Reconciliation, the students learn the Ten Commandments and the Act of Contrition Prayer to evaluate their conscience. Students make their "Lost Sheep." These symbolize that they have sins on their hearts and they have wandered away from Jesus, the Good Shepard, making them lost. After they receive Reconciliation, they will find their lost sheep and place it next to the Shepard at the alter...symbolizing that they have reconciled and come back to Jesus. We also make special candleholders to hold their candles on Reconciliation night. The students blow out their candle that night to symbolize the darkness they feel having sins on their hearts. After they receive Reconciliation, their candles are again lit to show Jesus is present and they have His light in their hearts. For First Communion, the students spend weeks preparing for "Their Mass," and get so excited about receiving Jesus for the first time. They make their banners to hang in the church and are just beaming when they are able to receive Communion at future school Masses. We end the year by going on our field trip to the Hastings Museum, where we learn about space, Kool-Aid, Native Americans, Nebraska birds and animals, war guns, various rocks, antique items, watch a 3D movie in the IMAX and visit the souvenir store.