Jenni Strong

Karla Hall

In the classroom...

Sixth grade is an important transition year into middle school! Growth is self-reliance and responsibility is as important as academic growth. With more responsibilities and privileges, our students lead the Rosary at daily Mass, display the American flag daily in front of our school, and continue to serve at Mass. Sixth graders also lead the school in student council. Student council is in charge of school spirit assemblies, fundraising, and leading service projects. Academically, sixth graders continue to strive for excellence in all subject areas. Students use Wonders curriculum and Lexia power-up to grow in reading. We use Saxon curriculum for math. In the subject of science, students study physical science such as matter and atoms. In social studies, students study events from after the Revolutionary War leading to present day. Finally, along with our religion curriculum, we are blessed to have Father Joe and Mrs. Romberg visit our classrooms. They help lead the journey to deepen our faith and grow in a deeper, more personal relationship with the Lord. Lastly, the sixth grade class is fortunate to take field trips throughout the year. Each year, the Extension Office has a full day planned to educate students on GPS devices. In the spring, we also take a field trip to Lincoln, where we are fortunate to tour Memorial Stadium and enjoy a fun-filled day at Morrill Hall.