Megan Cattau


I have been teaching at St. Isidore's for the past 13 years. My favorite thing about being a teacher is getting to see each and every smiling face several times a week. The best thing about teaching at St. Isidore’s Catholic school is being able to share my faith with my students, to pray for and with them in times of need and celebrate God’s blessings in their lives. I have three favorite saints! St. Therese, the little flower, Mother Teresa and St. Pope John Paul II.

In the classroom...

The summer of 2019 was a big one for the library! The library got a makeover that included new tables, and cozy couch for reading and learning, fresh paint, new bookshelves and an interactive SmartBoard, as well as tons of new books and a new automated system to streamline book checkout. Every fall, we host a bookfair for students to discover new books...in 2019 we earned 40 new books for the library and 61 books were donated to teacher classrooms. Students have access to Accelerated Reader tests and Epic Books, which is an online reading platform of fiction and nonfiction materials. During library class, students also learn more about different book genres, book care, how to find great books and develop a love of reading. Mrs. Cattau is always available to help students pick age-appropriate and reading-level appropriate books and materials. During computer class, students learn about internet safety and finding good sources vs. bad sources for research information. Grades four, five and six also use Google Classroom to have more interactive communication with Mrs. Cattau. Grades one through six works hard on their typing and keyboarding skills, while kindergarten works on the iPads until the Chromebooks are introduced in the second semester of school. Students also work on Google Slide projects (similar to PowerPoint), as well as Word Processing and Excel.