Heather Langan


I started working at Father Price Preschool back when I was still in college as Mrs. Spencer's teacher-aide followed by Mrs. Klink's teacher-aide. I then taught preschool for two years at Father Price before deciding to stay home with my own children and run an in-home daycare. My youngest was starting Kindergarten in the fall of 2017 when I had the opportunity to return to St. Isidore's as the 5-day Pre-K teacher and I have been here for the last three years and LOVE every minute of it. My favorite part of teaching is building relationships with my kids and families. I love watching them learn and grow into great little people. It's a great feeling knowing you must be doing something right when they are excited to see you everyday. The best part of teaching at St. Isidores is that we all love God, and we know that God loves us. We all share the same common bond. Everyday we pray together, learn more about God, and my little people leave my room everyday ready to share God's love with others.

Rachael Schmid


This year marks the 13th year of teaching for me, with this year being my 3rd at St. Isidores! The first ten years were with Columbus Public Schools, where I was an Early Childhood Special Education teacher, working with children ages birth-five in the daycare and preschool classrooms as well as coaching parents and children in thier homes. My favorite part of teaching is watching and taking part in helping children grow and develop. I love how innocent and excited children are about learning at this age. They are so inquisitive and eager. I was a parish member and had worked with and served children in the preschool before having children of my own. Even then, I knew this is where my children would be. I love the feeling of faith, family, and community that St. Isidore's has. My favorite saint is St. Bernadette of Lourdes. I remember watching a video in elementary school and becoming instantly infatuated with everything about her. She is also my confirmation saint! One of my favorite movies is The Song of Bernadette. My mom even loves it and will call me to let me know whenever it is on. If I could choose only one place to visit in my lifetime, it would be the Grotto at Lourdes in France with my mother and grandmother.

In the classroom...

The Pre-K program at St. Isidore Preschool is designed for students who will enter Kindergarten the following year. This child needs to be an older four year old or a younger five year old. Some of the program features include writing and recognizing numbers, writing and identifying alphabet letters and learning about Jesus and more prayers. The Pre-K students attend class five-days a week for two and a half hours each day.