Supporting our School through Scrip!

What is Scrip?  

Scrip is our BIG school fundraiser! Scrip is a great and easy way to support our school without spending any extra money, especially on things you do not need.  We use the money raised through Scrip to purchase lots of big and little things to improve and enhance each child’s education here at St. Isidore’s.  But how does it really work??  Here’s an example…you buy a $100 gift card for HyVee for $100. You spend $100 and get $100 right back…you are out nothing.  The school has purchased that card for $97, profiting the school $3 for that 1 card.  Each vendor offers back a certain percentage in the gift cards they sell to us…some as much as 20% back!  We have thousands of vendors available through our National Vendor, but we also have 70 very popular local and national vendors on hand at all times for you to purchase.

Where can I buy Scrip?

St. Isidore School Office - Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:00pm

St. Isidore Rectory - No School Days - 8am-12, 1:30-4:30pm

St. Isidore Church - After Saturday night Mass, After the 9am Mass, before/after the 11am Mass

Parents! Don't have time to stop in the office? Print your scrip order form here, fill out and send with your check to the school with your student. It will be filled and sent home at the end of the school day with your child.

Need eScrip or want immediate access to Scrip when you are at the store?

When would I use this? Have you been shopping out of town and are in Target with over $200 in your cart? With this large purchase, you might have wished you bought Target scrip before you came. Now with the immediate access, you can purchase Target eScrip while in the checkout! If you are interested in signing up for online Scrip, please contact Andrea in the school office for more information!

How does purchasing Scrip benefit my family?

When you buy Scrip, you are not only supporting the school, you are also earning money back for your family.  This 1% rebate return is good for ALL Catholic School Students, whether at the three elementary schools or for students at Scotus!  Our Scrip program gives you back 1% of every purchase that you make.  This money back goes towards your St. Isidores Registration fee for the following school year, or tuition at Scotus, St. Bonaventure or St. Anthony’s…so even when your kiddos are done walking the halls of Isidores, you can still earn money off your tuition at Scotus. If your child attends preschool here at St. Isidores, they are also eligible to earn money off their future registration fee for Kindergarten. If you don’t have students at the Catholic schools, you can still purchase Scrip to help support the continuation of the excellent Catholic education our students receive.  You may fill in the last name of any family you know attending the Columbus Catholic Schools or you may simply leave it blank.  

How does our school use the profits made from Scrip?

EVERYTHING! Last year, we used it for brand-new chromebooks for the third-fifth grade to use for their reading programs, filtered water fountains that also fill water bottles throughout the entire school, as well as landscaping for the school and the new preschool. Needs for the preschool teachers and teachers at Isidores. Also, new paint throughout different areas of the big school. This is how we fundraise at our school. We won’t be asking you to sell things door-to-door. Scrip profits also helped to buy our new school playground!

The success of Scrip is vital to the long-term success of our school.

This program provides a win-win for our families…you’re simply buying Scrip to purchase the things you are already buying. While gas and groceries are the easiest to stock up on, we also have great vendors for everything under the sun, including clothing, restaurants, hotels, airlines and even Disney!