Lynn Harsh


I have been teaching at St. Isidore's for the past 32 years! I love being with the students, they are such great reminders of God's goodness!

Kristie Brezenski


I have been teaching for 11 years, 8 of them have been here at St. Isidore's. My favorite thing about being a teacher is working with the students and finding those “Ah ha” moments, when they light up and “get it. The best thing about teaching at St. Isidore’s Catholic school is that we are like a family here, the parish community, school community, and everything in between. Love that God is everywhere!

In the classroom...

In the fourth grade, our students develop a love for Christ and each other daily. As teachers, we guide and assist our students as they discover their strengths and desire for learning. Our reading program encourages students to read all types of genre and helps promote the improvement of their comprehension skills. In math, we focus on effective problem solving strategies by applying them to real world problems. During social studies class, our students learn about our great state of Nebraska through its history and current events. Science curriculum is taught with the balance of textbook facts, hands-on activities, and experimentation. In fourth grade, we also work on transitioning into the intermediate grades. Our goal is for students to become independent thinkers and learners.