Tammie Romberg


I have been teaching for 20 years (teaching 3rd/4th grade, resource teacher, and preschool teacher). This is my 3rd year at St. Isidore Catholic School teaching the Christ Filii program. I love EVERYTHING about teaching! I love teaching the kids, getting to know the parents, and the staff! This is my first year teaching religion and I love it! The best thing about being at St. Isidore's is, I also absolutely LOVE the staff! My favorite saint is Our Blessed Mother, Mary! I have always had a special love for her, which grew even stronger after going on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje.

In the classroom...

Christi Filii, latin for "Children of Christ," is a supplemental religion program created to teach the "extras" that are not in the religion curriculum. Topics range from learning about different saints, Old and New Testament stories, the parts of the Mass and what they mean, discovering what it means to be a priest, deacon, or a religious sister, to various types of prayer including spontaneous prayer and Lectio Divina. The goal for this program is to inspire students to build a faith community across grade levels, and also for students to take their Catholic faith outside of the school walls and share it with others.